Every month we will share a different Coppi recipe for you to try at home! This month we have our delicious Amaretto Panna Cotta...

Panna Cotta


(Serves 3-4 people)


400ml Double Cream
40ml Amaretto
55g Caster Sugar
Half a vanilla pod, seeds removed
1.5 Gelatin Sheets


Place the cream, sugar & vanilla seeds in a medium sized pot, whisk & place over a gentle heat.

In the meantime break up the gelatine & soak with the amaretto being careful to ensure it softens fully. You may need to stir the broken gelatine into the liquid!

Allow the gelatine to soak long enough until fully dissolved into the amaretto.

When the cream begins to simmer remove from the heat & immediately whisk in the dissolved gelatine & amaretto.

Continue to stir until well combined.

Remove from the pot and place in a small mixing bowl over some iced cold water, stir occasionally until the mix has cooled & thevanilla seeds are well dispersed.

Pour the mix into serving dishes, this should make between 3 & 4 servings.

Refrigerate for at least 6 hours to allow to set before serving.

We recommend serving this delicious Panna Cotta with season fruit compote or fresh raspberries & toasted almonds.